21 Free Apple TV Games for Guaranteed Fun

Classic-style arcade, racing, platformers or shoot-em-up’s. Some silly, some serious, some cute, but all free, and all fun. Check out this Couch-Games assortment.

The selection of free Apple TV games compared to mobile is far less vast. Nevertheless many developers are releasing their apps for tvOS too–and the list grows. These are free-to-play (F2P) games that usually offer in-app purchases (IAP’s) for upgrades and cool extras. Nevertheless all can be played totally free with extras earned by good old hard work in-game. Here’s a Couch-Games mixed bag of 21 games in different genres that with or without IAP’s make for guaranteed fun!

21 free apple tv games

Air Wings

Fly paper airplanes armed with spit-wads, pencils and paperclips to shoot down enemies. Funny, entertaining and original! By Pangea Software.

Angry Birds GO!

From the blockbuster franchise, a cute and funky jalopy racer that’s great fun to play with the kids. By Rovio & Exient Entertainment.

Asphalt 8 logo

Asphalt 8 Airborne

Another famous franchise with flawless 3-D graphics, killer stunts and sophisticated race action. By Gameloft. See the Couch-Games review.

21 free apple tv games

Beach Buggy Racing

Happy-go-lucky buggy racing fun with neat-o tropical island settings, great characters and power-slide action. By Vector Unit.

21 free apple tv games

Blocky Racer

Lego-block graphic characters kids will love with basic though certainly fun racing controls–drift action included. By Full Fat.


Super fast & reckless hover speeder gameplay with smooth sci-fi graphics and Siri tilt controls. By PikPok Games. See the Couch-Games review.

21 free apple tv games


Awesome 80’s style arcade fun as a rescue chopper pilot platform flyer. This game is hilarious and has some cool surprises. By Parta Games. See the Couch-Games video review.

Crossy Road

The huge arcade-style hit with Frogger nostalgics and young players alike. Fun, funny, crossy… say no more. By Hipster Whale. See the Couch-Games review.

drifty cover

Drifty Chase

One-touch drift getaway delight as a bank robber escaping through loads of top-down view cities. A must play. By Crimson Pine Games. see the Couch-Games review.

Faily Phil

Faily Brakes

Side-splitting endless racer without brakes featuring crazy rag-doll-dance crashes. This game is nuts. By Spunge Games. See the Couch-Games review.

21 free apple tv games

Hill Racer 2

A side-scrolling physics-mechanic racer over slopes, bridges and jumps that is extremely fun if it does not drive you crazy. By Alpine Republic.

21 free apple tv games

Hungry Shark Evolution

A weird & wonderful eat and explore shark adventure with beautiful underwater environments and some wacky twists. By Future Games Of London. See the Couch-Games video review.

impulse GP

Impulse GP

A futuristic hover-bike racer that’ll make your helmet spin! With high-speed fluid graphics and tilt-control action. By EcoTorque Games. See the Couch-Games review.

Into The Dead

Into The Dead

A seriously scary zombie game where you move through fields of undead with tilt-control and weapons. One of the best Z games out there. By PikPok Games. See the Couch-Games review.

21 free apple tv games

Jetpack Joyride

Join Barry Steakfries for a joyous arcade side-scrolling endless runner that is so cool you will become a jetpack junkie. By Halfbrick Studios. See the Couch-Games video review.

21 free apple tv games

Kill Shot Bravo

Serious first-person sniper action with tons of missions, great graphic detail and literal killer fun. By Hothead Games. See the Couch-Games video review.

Mars:Mars endless runner game review


A spacesuit thruster pack jets you along the Mars surface in a game of accuracy, with awesome low-poly graphics and funky characters. By Pomelo Games. See the Couch-Games review.

Phoenix HD

A classic style arcade spaceship shooter with dynamic graphics and blasting power galore. Addictive. By Firi Games.

Steamkraft title


This originally crafted endless flyer takes you on a delightful voyage in a Jules Verne world with steampunk graphics and Victorian-era style. By Telehorse. See the Couch-Games review.


Simple yet totally addictive dude. Swipe your surfer up or down or swipe out with funky characters and cool surf music. By Digital Melody. See the Couch-Games review.

Zombie Derby 2 Couch-Games

Zombie Derby 2

Shoot zombies, run down zombies–with killer splatter action, loads of environments, upgradeable vehicles and tilt-control fun. By HeroCraft. See the Couch-Games review.


This Couch-Games round-up of free Apple TV games should keep you busy for a bit. If not, stay tuned for the next one!

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