Agent A: A puzzle in disguise – Foiling Ruby La Rouge on Apple TV

Agent A, top spy must foil evil villainess spy Ruby La Rouge in a chic 60’s inspired puzzle escapade. New groovy chapter, Ruby’s Trap, also out now.

Agent A Video

A, Agent A

Get your Bond head on, make a martini, slide onto your curvy sectional couch, switch on the Apple TV boob-tube and go mod with this sleek In-Crowd point-and-click puzzler.

Agent A, the most intelligent and effective spy in her Majesty’s Intelligence Agency has villainess vixen enemy spy Ruby La Rouge is his sights. The mission: Locate and infiltrate her secret lair and find the evil it-girl before she eliminates more agents. Finding clues in Ruby’s swanky 60’s modern house however will prove a risky challenge riddled with perplexing puzzles. From the get-go our agent provocateur is ensnared in Ruby’s high security gadget home. Escape becomes his first priority as he’s faced with rooms of tricky conundrums. She seems to have the upper hand, but A is the MIA’s top man–Steed, Smart and Phelps rolled into one. Logic and keen perception my dear fellow are paramount.

Agent A

Groovy Enigma

Personally I’ve never been too keen on point-and-click puzzle games–until I played Agent A. It’s not just the stylish 60’s atmosphere of mod mid-century architecture and decor. Nor is it only the retro look of the iconic Jetsonesque comic graphics. The analytics-based puzzles are simply marvellous and by no means simple. In fact they’re downright challenging and sometimes irksome. Slinking through the house, Agent A collects and utilises keys, symbols, and objects like in most puzzlers. But include contraptions, secret compartments, sequence solving, noticing subtle clues and classy puzzle combo scenes and the genre really evolves. Though you follow a linear story, gameplay has you  moving on and returning to scenes to continue disentangling the enigmas. Rather than mere point, click movements, you actually operate riddling contraptions as well. Ruby’s security is sophisticated stuff and you’ll often be faced with a seeming mission impossible.

Agent A

Ruby’s Trap

Has your code cracking puzzle hacking prowess lived up to that of Agent A? If yes, and you’ve played through the first bewildering Agent A: A puzzle in disguise chapters you know things come to an abrupt end. Missions are accomplished, but Agent A is seemingly left hanging. Never fear, Chapter 3, Ruby’s Trap has just been released and it’s a doozy. Just when you thought you’ve foiled Ruby, she still seems one step ahead of the MIA. At least Agent A has reached her inner sanctum control room and the conundrums continue. Goldfinger, eat your heart out!

Agent A

Developers Yak & Co continue the story nicely with even more difficult tasks, cool contraptions and that unique 60’s spy story style. I was Agent A for hours on end and am looking forward to continuing as more new chapters are released. Ruby will not escape! 

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