Air Wings: Paper cut throat airplane competition on Apple TV

Paper airplanes battle, armed with spit-wads and paperclips winging through wacky scenes with 360-degree fun and Game Center multi-player competition.

Air Wings Couch-Games Review

How I wished as a kid that our paper airplanes could engage in battles for more than a split-second. Air Wings by Pangea Software makes those childhood fantasies come true. Don’t you love the digital age. Couch-Games had a blast getting torn up playing on Apple TV.

Air Wings Couch-Games Review

Top Spit-Wad

First, dear paper folding pilots, get one thing straight–this is a Game Center based multi-player tournament with solo play reserved only for the training grounds. Consequently, you’ll definitely want to learn to fly, maneuver and get your 360 bearings first. Going up against online foes as a novice will get your paper plane tail kicked in a hurry. Start Tutorial mode and choose from a paper plane or balsa bi-plane, each of which have their limitations and advantages. There are 19 flyers to unlock (or purchase) with differing air-speed, maneuverability, shields and ammo capacity. Airships vary from the humble paper dart through more advanced fold-ups to Quadrocopters, saucers or even flying squirrels. Train in 5 different scenes like a tabletop or sandbox, but advance within a total of 24 levels. So, now it’s time for flight school.

Air Wings Couch-Games Review

Flight Of The Paper Phoenix

Scenes like Paperopolis, Cinderville, or Sandbox are littered with objects to navigate in training. The Siri remote’s accelerometer and gyroscope control flight with tilt movement. Scenes are dotted with flashlights highlighting your collectible ammunition to fly through. Weapons of choice are spit-wads, paper-clips, pencil missiles, key-rings, firecrackers or suction darts. Some fire forward, others back and still others are dropped by parachute. Additionally, collect coins to restore shields and wind for speed boosts. Controls are simple with easy tilts to fly, pad-swipes to change weapons, tap and hold to fire and play/pause for wind speed. Watch your radar in the left corner for enemy locations. In training you can blast away without worrying about return fire. You’ll need the practice against top spit-wad pilots for sure. Training is fun on its own, but now its time to enter Game Center and face ace online foes.

Air Wings Couch-Games Review

Air Wings One

Admittedly, I got my tail crumpled every time in Game Center dogfights. Luckily you get 3 lives. Air Wings is free-to-play but offers several in-app purchases to speed up invincibility. Certainly count on your enemies having upgrades, either bought or earned through battle won paper-cuts, spit and tears. Gameplay, big-screen on Apple TV is unbeatable with the 360-degree effect and it even supports 3D TV’s. 3D graphics are smooth and simple as is the flight action. There’s also a cool surf-music theme to get you going. While I got torn up in every battle, I had loads of fun just tooling through the training scenes. However, the multi-player competition and tearing up foes is where it’s at!

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