Alto’s Adventure: Shreddin’ Snowboard Zen on Apple TV

Winter is coming! Time to hit the piste. Or just lean back on the couch and go on a shreddin’ zen snowboard sojourn with Alto’s Adventure on Apple TV.

alto's adventure vid

Shreddin’ The Gnar

Imagine an alpine world where you herd your Llamas daily by shreddin’ the gnar and hittin’ with crunchy stomps on fresh pow! This is Alto’s Adventure, the story of a shepherd boy living in the high altitudes of South America (judging by the Llamas) who snowboards all day and night, down amazing slopes, through rain or shine–what a life! Yet life is not all fun & games for Alto, as he has level upon level of other tasks to complete. Wait, those are also fun & games… I take it back. He’s got backflip aerials to do, grinding bunting lines and roofs and gnarly chasm jumps to name a few. All the while collecting coins, power-ups, herding said Llamas and doing killer kickers with air.

altos advebture pic

A World of Zen

Though Alto’s Adventure, by developers Snowman, is a simple side-scrolling endless snowboarder, it’s a game that has absolutely nailed it!

Of course the tricks & tasks are mega-fun and personify the smooth flowing, physics-based mechanic. Controls too are simple one-click or hold-clicks on the Apple TV Siri remote. But the ambience of the game is as sweet as fresh powder glistening in the gleam of a setting mountaintop sun. When you play Alto, your’e in a world of zen. Skimming the slopes you glide through alpine forest, mountain villages and ruins with backgrounds of far off peaks and sky panoramas. The graphics are subtle, soft hues, geometric, with full-dynamic lighting and weather changes that blew me away. Alto boards from dusk till dawn, night or day, through rain, thunderstorms and snowfall. These effects transport you beautifully on a rapid, busy ride that is nevertheless totally relaxing & hypnotic.

alto's adventure

Flips, Friends & Elders

Each level’s tasks encompass  a helluva lot for a “simple” game. You have flips (up to 3x) to grinds, jumps, chasm jumps and combos in moves (+more) to rack up tasks, points & a longer scarf of xp. Most annoying, the elders; the only antagonist other than Mother Nature–elders chase you down, so lose them (like at chasms)! The adventure lasts, with dozens of levels and a few friends of Alto’s with different skills to unlock. I shredded with Maya mostly, she’s a backflip master, but Alto’s faster.  Spend coins on a few upgrades in the workshop like timers, a helmet… or a wingsuit–a new mechanic! This game is not too tough, but there’s a learning curve nonetheless which is an enjoyable challenge. Also, there are plenty of little details (like rock bonks) that become clear with progress. I’ll tell ya though, those chasms are gnarly dude!

altos adventure


Alto’s Adventure was such a fun boarding odyssey. The chill yet flowing music, sound-fx (like llama bells or snow-crunch footsteps), scenery and day-to-night lighting or fast gameplay all enhance the experience. Especially on a big screen with Apple TV. Whoa, I almost forgot it was Winter. And did I tell ya… there’s a wingsuit!


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