Asphalt 8:Airborne – Test Drive on Apple TV

Asphalt 8: Airborne fulfils your need for speed and impossible auto-acrobatics with the finest graphics detail around. Once again, Gameloft has speed-shifted the Asphalt game franchise to impress any pro arcade racer. Test drive it on Apple TV for optimum performance!

Asphalt 8 Vid

Get in, I’ll drive

It’s plain to see that Asphalt 8:Airborne is as high-class as some of the supercars available in gameplay. The graphics quality is smooth as silk and the detail like fine filigree–even more so on Apple TV. Of course Gameloft is no stranger to top-notch developing and high-octane arcade racing with the Asphalt series–Airborne being number 8–with 200 million downloads. Here at Couch-Games we’ve taken a lengthy test drive, so hop in, let’s go for a ride.

Asphalt 8 Dodge

Drift Tokyo, Vegas Air & Iceland Knockdowns

OK, my wheels are only a Dodge Dart GT, but in future I’ll get a new ride–of the 162 available–or just pimp this one first. Me and my Dodge must start on the Classic runs; Tokyo, Nevada and Iceland. Each run has its tasks to complete, gaining you stars, 5 required to finish. Stuff like first place finish, knockdowns–collision smashing opponents off the road (especially cool slo-mo graphics) or triggering perfect nitro (collected along the road) are among your objectives.

But Airborne is the name of the game, so major drifting, getting air & barrel rolls off ramps help perfect runs and add credits to the cache. Asphalt 8 is a rather involved game–the menus are complicated–so will take loads of figuring out and driving to get anywhere. I’ll need lots of credits to pimp my ride, not to mention buy a new car. So be patient and keep on truckin’… or buy in-app purchases! The word on the streets–that you will need to buy in-app to get anywhere–seems to be true. Alas, that’s the Gameloft biz model here–but hey, this game rocks!

Asphalt Airborne

On the HDR road

Never mind the cons. From the get-go it’s the gargantuan graphics and finely fluid gameplay that stand out. High Dynamic Range rendering, extensive pixel shading and specular light reflections used in Asphalt 8 really make the game in my opinion. As I race my Dodge through Tokyo in the rain, neon signs reflect in the asphalt, droplets prism and slide off the windshield and background detail has a delicious virtual realness. I tilt the Apple Siri Remote to steer, acceleration on auto and click to break for optimal drifting. Smooth is the gameplay and highly intuitive, these are the kind of things that keep you driving.

Asphalt Audi


Guess what? I just stepped into a brand new Audi R8 e-tron–without an in-app purchase! Yes, playing faithfully pays. I’m loving the new car smell and performance–being very noticeable in gameplay–blows my old Dodge off the road. Also, new races are opened up, though for now in the same country scenarios. Admittedly I’m getting hooked and am honing my point making road-rage manoeuvres. Hitting a perfect-nitro is grand before ramming an opponent for a knockdown elimination. Even cooler before a ramp, a short brake (braking for drifting) causes a flat-spin, triple spin or a barrel roll–awesome. Drifting and airborne moves earn more points the longer you maintain them and make for exciting gameplay.

Asphalt crash

I haven’t reached the Great Wall of China level yet, nor do I have access to the Ferrari series (just 2 examples of many), but I’m having so much fun I’ve bought a little x-mas tree air-freshener and am planning to study the Asphalt 8: Airborne Wiki all weekend. No worries, I won’t be picking up hitchhikers!


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