Breakneck: recklessly swift speeder gameplay on Apple TV

Recently at Couch-Games we’ve been hurled headlong at incalculable velocity outrunning alien invaders in an endless speeder game that’ll make you rapidly reckless. I feel the need, the need for Breakneck speed!

Breakneck Video

The Aliens Have Landed!

Cut to a world dominated by alien invaders. The interlopers’ ships hover ominously above, earthly industry and landscapes have been taken and even altered. You, a Breakneck speeder pilot, are tasked with perilous missions and to get as far through occupied territory as possible. At blinding speed, race through labyrinthine scenes like laser-guarded alien strongholds, carbon farms and into box canyon wastelands. And these are just the starting levels. Collect gold coins for perk upgrades, energy for boosting power and gain experience for level completion along the way. The way being: as far as you can get without being laser blasted from above! A crack pilot stays ahead of the hellfire by boosting out of danger at double Breakneck speed.

Breackneck energy

Siri-ous Control

From my couch cockpit, controls are smooth and sweet using the Apple TV Siri Remote–optimal turned to tilt-control mode. Veering side-to-side at high velocity is the definition of intuitive control, without a bug in sight. Scoop up the lines of gold coins or fly over red magnets to suck up more–best by risky flying close to walls to gather boosting energy charges simultaneously. Pilots need the boost energy when the laser-cannon hunters target you from the heavens for a quick getaway. Or else it’s boom! alien break your Breakneck neck and destroy you in a twisted metal fireball–got it? At later levels this is essential for survival… think of Earth and all the people man. Boosts are released with the click of the pad, but you will be warned on-screen of inevitable attack. Try the tricky barrel-roll manoeuvre–by a tilt-jerk combo move–which is hard, but may save your ass.

Breakneck speeder

Mission Control

Start your alien occupied day out right with a series of missions. A cool standout feature on Breakneck are the daily environment resets as well as daily/weekly mission changes. The primary missions–at least on lower levels–are not so difficult, but give gameplay a further focus. We couldn’t really see an obvious story, but imagining one was just as fun! Anyway, before you speed off (or after you die in an alien laser induced death) equip perks are available for purchase with collected coins. Things like x-tra charge, head-start or more pick-ups can give you a Breakneck edge on your seemingly endless mission runs. Even better: upgrades include pick-ups (you pick up boost, magnets and coins for example), or pimp your speeder kits gained through spending experience points. Of course the ever-present in-app purchases are always there for the headlong pilot.

Breakneck rock_overcast

Breakneck Environments

In addition to the speed-freak attraction, it’s the grandiose 3-D graphics & artwork that really got us Breaknecking. Kiwi developers PikPok have done it again, but taken the artistry of their hit-game Into The Dead (review here) to the speed-sci-fi game-o-sphere. Jumping bugs that apparently riddled earlier iOS versions were non-existent on our Apple TV test. On the contrary; smooth speed was the name of the game–guess they got the exterminators in. Coupled with an original soundtrack by musical artist Kadington, this is an Indie production that could give the big developers a run for their money.

Well done guys, you’ve got a spot on our couch anytime!


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