Chameleon Run: a zippy crazy fun run on Apple TV

A hyper-speed sojourn across precipitous platforms as rapid as rapid allows. Run Chameleon Run!

Chameleon Run Couch-Games review

Chameleon is as chameleon does

What does a chameleon do? It changes colors to adapt to its surroundings. Well, this little Chameleon Run runner has to do a lot more. He zips along at hyper bipedal lizard speed leaving a trail of colored dust and jumping in mad combinations. He navigates tricky routes to best collect shiny pick-ups. And of course he adapts his hue from yellow to fuchsia in split-second choices to fit in with the platform landings. Any error and it’s goodbye chameleon in a shower of pixel cubes into the abyss below. Noodlecake Studios and Hyperbolic Magnetism have published/developed a delicious auto-runner with ‘addictive’ written all over it!

Chameleon Run Couch-Games review

Run, jump, repeat

Chameleon Run is an auto-runner, but could also be considered a physics-mechanic platformer. It’s not an endless runner and the levels are quite short. Nevertheless once you’ve gotten through the initial easier runs it’s likely those short runs will take some repeating to crack. Use the Apple TV Siri controller horizontally and it’s simply play/pause to jump and touch-pad clicks for chameleon color change. Easy. Yes, it starts easy and this is where the chameleon runner ability tutorials are played. Jumps, double-jumps, falling jumps and hit-head-on-platform-above jumps to allow for double-triple jumps. Each level presents 3 meta-games: pick up all marbles, all smoking crystals and do the run without changing colors. Also, improving the run time presents further challenges and a leaderboard. Still sounds easy. The thing is things move so rapidly you can hardly see your chameleon run!

Chameleon Run Couch-Games review

Crazy Chameleon Run Fun

Actually the zippy hero is only figuratively a chameleon because he changes color. Really he’s a block pixel biped with a huge grin that leaves a cloud of digital dust in his hyper-speed wake. The graphics are scrumptious too. Yummy candy colors and a dazzle-blur background kind of make you hungry. The cubist level platform constructions are crazy tricky pieces of work which are soon to drive you crazy. You have gaps large and small and see-saw platforms to jump or fan-driven air gusts to ride. Lightning bolts speed you up, as do last-millisecond color changes. Forcefields change your hue automatically so beware. You even get a snowboard sometimes and there’s more to come. Your chameleon runner contends with all this while speedily changing color and avoiding the black constructions and the abyss below. Going crazy yet?

Chameleon Run Couch-Games review

The Gamification of Quickness

Addictive as it is, Chameleon Run epitomizes the gamification of cognitive and motor skill training. It really pushes the envelope between grey matter and hot little fingers! I can safely say, it’s one of the most challengingly rapid casual games I’ve played for a while. BTW, I kind of sucked at it. Nevertheless i made it through the first world of 15 levels and nicely far into world II. I did go crazy however. So if you want to use gaming to improve your cognitive abilities and have rip-roaring run fun… do the Chameleon Run!

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