Computer Games Museum Berlin: The Evolution of Gaming

Check out the evolution of gaming, go old school playing classic arcade games and get really nerdy nostalgic at the unique Computer Games Museum in Berlin, Germany.

computer games museum berlin

Couch-Games went on a field trip to study the evolution of gaming at the Computer Games Museum in Berlin. Pull up a couch and join us!

computer games museum berlin

Darwin’s High-Score

If you know Asteroids or Centipede, Tempest or even Habitat  then you belong to the early stages of the species known as Homo Ludens… the Playing Man. Of course you may only be familiar with Wii or WoW, nevertheless belonging to late (and younger) members of the species. Trading cuds and clubs for joysticks and pads the species has continued to evolve. Observe its progress, coupled with loads of fun,  in a unique museum known as the Computer Games Museum (Computerspielemuseum) in Berlin.

computer games museum berlin

If, like me, you are from the video game stone-age, get ready for a blast of computer game nostalgia that will knock your Converse off! If you are late species–like my Couch-Games colleagues–then enjoy a journey back in time taking you through the evolution of the computer game. The Computerspielemuseum originally opened way back in 1997 until 2000, then switched to an online museum. In 2011  it opened its current location in Berlin to rave reviews and throngs of visitors–still. As far as I know, it is unique as a permanent museum dedicated to the history of computer games worldwide.

computer games museum berlin

Hey Ma, can I go to the arcade?

Us Couch-Games geeks spent hours running around this place! Move through the exhibit consoles aesthetically arranged with ancient joystick screen controls that steer you through media footage and vintage game action accompanied by headphone narration. View the collection of computers and game consoles from time immemorial including Apple II, Electronic Football, Game Boy, the legendary Commodore 64 and Nintendo on up through Play Station and the systems we know today.

Hold it, you can play, yes, play original arcade favourites like Asteroids, Frogger, Centipede or Donkey Kong. There’s also as an array of home console games like Breakout, the first Flight Simulator and naturally Pac Man lives here! This was our absolute favourite part of the museum–awesome–playing games I used to spend all my pocket money on… for free! Monday’s by appointment, you can actually ‘play the originals’ – Computer Space, or Pong from 1971 and others. The museum is open until 20:00, which is great because honestly, it is easy to spend hours at this place.

computer games museum berlin

Computer Mind

But it’s not only about fun; the exhibit also goes back to the beginnings–the very evolution of gaming and computation; reflecting on questions posed in the 50’s about reality, AI and computer thinking in the days of the EDSAC Computer or NIMROD (also playable), exploring the evolution of a technological/social phenomenon that is an integral part of everyday life today.

Of course there’s a lot more to play and explore at the Computerspielemuseum as well as special exhibits. So I won’t spoil it for you – but as for us, gotta go… we have a company competition going on and I want to try and beat my high score from 1981 on Centipede!!

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