Drifty Chase: Couch-Games Sneak Preview Review

Drifty Chase drives you screechy-swervy on a one-touch control multi-city getaway as a bank robber escaping from the cops. Couch-Games has a pre-launch review for you, so get in the car quick, we gotta go!

drifty chase

Getting the Drift

Couch-Games just got done with a pre-launch Apple TV test of Crimson Pines Games latest awesome app! The drift of Drifty Chase is a simple one; one-touch taps turn your getaway car down crowded urban streets and you drive on as far as you can.

Here’s the story rundown: It all begins with a bank robbery in downtown NYC. Cops crowd around as you escape in your “Eleneorado” sedan with the heist cash, the black & whites hot in pursuit. You barrel through the traffic laden streets one-tap turning with screeching drifts to avoid the roadblocks. Escape is a far off dream ‘cause this is an endless chase through many cities. Get as many accurate slidey turns in or crash & burn and bang, you’re busted! Bank robbers obviously have a nose for cash, ‘cause there’s loads of $$ drifting in the streets which drift into your car as you drift in and out of traffic. You’ll be robbing more banks for way more cash too and the booty is used to buy new getaway cars.

drifty sins

Glidy Pursuit

The Eleneorado glides into intersections, the radio blares a funky soundtrack and the cash piles up. The point of an endless chase is to get away for as long as possible and as far as possible scoring drift turns as you escape. NYC, through Chinatown you screech & slide down avenues and one-way streets causing as many accidents as possible to temporarily lose the police. Bank robbers should know their escape routes, but Drifty Chase is a randomly generated world, taking you through 10 real & fictional route changing cities. A good escape driver can take you from NYC through London (watch the left-hand traffic) to Miami and places like City of Sins, Modern City, Winter Town (icy drifty), or Alien City in one long screechy-swervy-drifty chase! The further you go, the faster things get and the more turns and cash you rack up.

drifty mini

The Payout

Crime pays if you escape the law! For me, after 57 successive drifts, more cash collected + bank booty it’s time to switch cars. Choose from 10 different getaway cars (more to come), ranging in price to trade in your drifted-out Eleneorado. With 16K I hop into a brand new Mini and screech back into action. Maybe one day I’ll get the cop car for a cool 1.7M. Too bad I can’t  just steal it, but bank robbers have codes of honour too! New cars also increase your booty percentage and have city checkpoints to start you later in the chase. Oh, and every few gameplay hours it’s time to rob another bank and load the trunk with even more cash.

In our opinion Drifty Chase has really paid-off! The top-down perspective 3-D graphics are sweetly smooth and colourful. Neat-o environmental effects like rain, snow, neon lights or night driving add to the aesthetic. Gameplay mechanics–drifty action, lane turn timing, speed and road conditions seemed more complex than your run-of-the-mill casual arcade game. My fave move is swerving under logging trucks– but I’ll leave the other details & action for you. We’ll be looking forward to new car & city updates in future, but for now you can count on plenty of drifty time gameplay. Thanks Crimson Pine for the pre-release action and a swervingly, screechy Drifty Chase blast!

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