Fire TV Horror Games: Couch-Games Halloween Picks

Halloween rears its ugly head once again which inspired us to squelch our brains to find the best Fire TV horror games. Sit in the dark, turn up the volume and play these Couch-Games picks!

Heart-wrenchingly, there’s not much lurking out there in the Fire TV horror games shadows–do you hear us developers of the night? Nevertheless, after copious exsanguination we put together a selection covering most game genres. Creep out or cackle to these and stay tuned for full reviews of our top picks.

Grave Stompers vid


MaxMax is a zombie killing zombie kid brought back to save the town with a chainsaw & loads of firepower. GraveStompers by Mad Menace Entertainment is a console-style 3rd-person shooter with killer evil-cute 3D graphics & blood galore. No real story or complicated gameplay here, just a zombie vs zombie splatter banquet to keep the gamepad smoking. Great gruesome undead-kid characters, switchable melee or firing weapons and necrophagously nice artwork make for viciously fun gameplay!

walking dead vid

 The Walking Dead–Season Two

walking dead thumbKind of like controlling the TV series or changing the graphic novel, The Walking Dead Season 2 by Telltale Games is a mega-creepy episodic interactive drama graphic adventure game. This season you are little Clementine on the run in the zombie apocalypse trying to stay alive. With a combo of point-and-click controls, gamepad moves and dialogue-answer decisions you literally play through the hellish 5 episodes (with IAP’s). Needless to say, the graphic novel-like artwork is incredible and the drama really eats you to the bone. Unfortunately, only season two is available on Fire TV as yet… Ggrrräaaahhhhhhhh!

Route Z vid

 Route Z

z logoMoonshark Inc brings you this pick of Fire TV horror games… and yes it’s got zombies! Route Z is like Mad Max meets Death Race meets undead hordes in an endless racer-shooter game genre combo. In the apocalypse, road-rage is good! You tool down the Soulless Wasteland highway grinding up z’s with simple left-right controls avoiding obstacles like roadblocks, wrecks, explosive fuel barrels and fiery z’s. Upgrades are tough (aside from IAP’s), but with several tasks, 3 scenes and a shredding metal soundtrack, normal play is death driving fun!

haunted past vid

 Haunted Past

haunted pastCall it tame horror, but Haunted Past by Gogii Games is classic ghost-story eeriness in a hidden object puzzle game apparition. In a nether century Emily fell to her death, plummeting from an attic window… why? This is the mystery. Inheriting the dark abandoned mansion, Sara Haverston realises there is a shadowy presence astir. Personally, I’m no big fan of hidden object games, but this one is certainly worthy of lights-out-sound-up-big-screen spookiness. The artwork is beautiful and the ghostly-stormy-creepy-sound fx make for a great Halloween atmosphere!

aftermath vid

 Aftermath XHD

aftermath thumbLife (or death) wouldn’t be the same without a good old zombie shooter. TwoHeads Games managed to take a genre (which nowadays is kinda’ gettin’ old) and make it scary like it should be. Aftermath XHD is meaty among the choice of Fire TV horror games because it has atmosphere. An uneasy sense of urgency pervades gameplay, making things uncomfortable–including hordes of fast undead flesh munchers! HD graphics with killer textures & environment aesthetics add to the fast-paced kill-fest action.

knock knock vid

 Knock Knock

Knock Knock by Indie-developer Ice-Pick Lodge is the Couch-Games top Fire TV horror games pick! This game is out there… I mean spooky weirdness at a distance! However, you’ll have to wait until Halloween for a full review, so stay tuned…(update): Knock Knock review

Wait, what the hell was that noise? I think… something’s in the house…

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