Framed Apple TV Game Review: A crafty crime comic noir puzzler

Framed is a crafty crime comic-noir puzzle thriller that’s killer-diller Mack! Get the angle on Apple TV gameplay for a swell lesson in city-street logic–or I’ll take the rap.

Framed Apple TV Game Review

A Set-Up

Get this and get it straight: crime is a sucker’s road and those who travel it wind up in the gutter, the prison or the grave. I thought, sitting in a dark office in a cold city of night searching for an app to review on Apple TV. Then it came to me; like a broad in a smoke-filled club looking for a poor schmuck like me to buy her a drink. It was a game called Framed–a comic noir puzzler as crafty and original as a mob knock off in Hell’s Kitchen. I took a chance, cause that’s all we got. I played and got framed into writing a Framed Apple TV game review.
It happened like this:

Framed puzzler game

It’s like this see

The city lights blurred through streaming rain on the dark windows as I started playing Framed by developers Loveshack Entertainment. It was a night like any other, but this game was not. It opened with a cool jazz sax, just like that smoke-filled club. A screen with comic noir-style artwork frames telling me some seemingly random story. A silhouetted figure on the run with a briefcase in a dark fedora and trench coat, that could’ve been me, had to solve each puzzle to turn the page.

I lit a cigarette and reordered the frames with the Siri remote to change the outcome of the scene. Not this time Bub, I run straight into a beat cop with a pea-shooter and I’m done for. Use your noggin gumshoe, the frames can only work one way see, by moving or rotating the panel positioning correctly. The trick to lick this game of cat-and-mouse is pure puzzle logic. Plus a couple moves I’ll leave to you Mack.


Hot dog that’s swell!

This game ain’t a talkie, but a silent narrative in pictures. The protagonist, a private dick or a hood–ain’t sure which–is on the run with a briefcase containing something–ain’t sure what. Then there’s the mystery dame, wanted, with the white flower hat–she steals the briefcase in certain sequences. The cops are onto me (and her) being lead by a white-haired detective. Gameplay action flows; over fire escapes, along ledges, through alleys and tenement houses, in subway stations and even atop moving trains–flatfoots everywhere. The comic-noir inspired graphics are ritzy keen and in a style all their own. This ain’t a fuddy-duddy game, despite its period style. On the contrary, it takes the puzzler genre to a new level–probably why Framed is a multi-award winning app–swell!


Framed has its twists see, if you got the guts for a good, but not infinite gameplay session. It’s got an original slinky jazz soundtrack and as much charm as a blonde in a red dress you know you can’t trust. So that was the Framed Apple TV game review and how it happened. I leave the office black and venture back into the rain-drenched streets of night. Good job fellas!


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