Free Zombie Games on Apple TV: Couch-Games Top 5

If zombies could speak they’d moan about the lack of exposure on free games for Apple TV. So Couch-Games braved the horde and survived with a few entrails to tell. Namely, our top 5 in the free-to-play flesh-muncher genre. Take a bite out of this!

into the dead vid

#1: Into The Dead

Into The Dead by PikPok Games is the absolute frontrunner on our free zombie games list and will make your jaw drop off–say no more–read this recent review!

CorridorZ Vid

#2: Corridor Z

High School sucks, but being trapped in one during the zombie apocalypse outbreak is far worse. You have 3 players; a jock, a cheerleader and a marine to get you through the corridors of this challenging  3-D runner game. Corridor Z–by Indie-developer Mass Creation–has objectives for each character as the story unfolds. Loads of bloody action and plenty of weapons to splatter zombies as you fulfil missions, attempt to survive each day and eventually escape school. Detailed 3-D graphics, sick sounds & soundtrack and smooth gameplay add to the horror, making this one of our fave free zombie games for Apple TV. Stay tuned for a full review!

z chase me vid

#3: Zombies Chasing Me

It’s the pixel-cube graphic zombie apocalypse and you need to sprint or die! Great for a giggle with fast-paced runner action that requires quick reactions. This endless runner has you outrunning extremely agile Z’s–the sprinting dead! Simple left-right touch controls on the Siri Remote and loads of level changes will keep you challenged for fun sessions. Especially cool, the slo-mo stumbles as you fall and are eaten, as well as the pixel-cube graphics by BoomBit Games.


#4: Horde 2

Old-school fun zombie dungeon non-Super Mario game and sequel to Horde by Cartoon Smart Games that’ll have you swearing a lot! It’s a challenge, especially to get the hang with the Siri Remote–we recommend an MFi or gamepad controller!. Horde 2 has a music selection, very cool arcade cartoon graphics & sounds to aid your archer’s attempts to avoid-jump-kill a zombie army side-scrolling onslaught. 18 level-arenas will keep you facing the horde for quite some time.


#5: Grandpa and the Zombies

This one is so weird we definitely had to add it to the top 5! Grandpa Willy, an old dude in a wheelchair finds himself in a hospital maze after breaking his leg. This is a puzzle game that poses a challenge–for a while at least–and is simply fun. Manoeuvre Grandpa & his wheelchair (again, better without Siri) through 30 varying levels while avoiding cartoon zombies and mad doctors. So “Take care of your brain” with non-bloody zombie enjoyment by Tivola Publishing.

Pound of Flesh

While we were able to find some scrumptious selections in the free zombie games genre, there are too few out there. So, we demand our pound of flesh! This means you developers… make more great games–zombie or otherwise–available for Apple TV… pleeez!!!


Into The Dead
Corridor Z
Zombies Chasing Me
Horde 2
Grandpa and the Zombies

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