Galaxy On Fire – Manticore RISING: the saga prequel made for Apple TV

Stellar space dogfight gameplay and out of this world graphics set the scene in the space shooter saga prequel Manticore RISING to the just released Galaxy On Fire 3 Manticore. Galaxial! 

GOF Manticore Rising

Apple TV users were the lucky few to have Galaxy On Fire – Manticore RISING to preview what was next in the Galaxy on Fire saga. A stellar game on big screen. The next chapter in the Galaxy On Fire saga GOF 3 Manticore is finally here–only not for Apple TV. Let’s hope the developers, Deep Silver FISHLABS will be migrating it to tvOS too (hint, hint) very soon. But first, let’s meet our heroine.

Galaxy on Fire - Manticore Rising

Epic Prequel

Introducing Haley “Manticore” Snocom, a rookie mercenary pilot arriving in the outlying Neox Sector only to find an atmosphere of zero-g wreckage. The gold mining fleet she defends has been attacked by deep-space marauders, the Indigo pirates. Some of the fleet–including command ship Hades–have escaped through the space Jump-Gates, but a few survivors remain. Now alone, Haley must defend against new waves of pirates who swarm through the wormhole gates. Soon other pilots slowly make it to her aid against ever increasing enemy Indigo attacks leading through different Jump-Gate sectors. The mission is to blast pirates and eventually regroup with the fleet for an all out attack. In this mega prequel however, it seems Haley’s fate is sealed. But not before she evolves into a crack pilot, the bane of her enemies and even a legend.

Galaxy On Fire - Manticore Rising

Siri Pilot Rising

A beam of blue light through the Jump-Gate superstructure signifies the first attack wave of Indigo pirates. This is the Outer Boundary chapter. The radar shows red triangles swarming and scattering as Haley goes headlong in pursuit. As the ships come into range Haley must steer them into her sights, the guns automatically do the rest. Since Galaxy On Fire – Manticore RISING is made for Apple TV, so too are the Siri remote game controls. Using the accelerometer it becomes a cockpit joystick by simply tilting for direction. A swipe upwards and you activate the boosters. Swipe left or right and the ship does a nifty barrel-roll. A down swipe and hold will even brake to avoid collisions. Click the Siri and your pickups are activated–missiles, shields and maintenance power-ups. Getting the enemy in the crosshairs (screen centre) activates the weapons immediately.

The controls are complex and the learning curve a challenge, but like Haley, you’ll soon become a crack pilot.

Galaxy On Fire - Manticore Rising

Galaxy of Graphics

Start in Survival mode to practice your Siri pilot training before commencing in Story mode. Believe me, you’ll be reeling at first with the outer-space no up or down feeling. As you hunt and outmanoeuvre pirates while weaving through zero-g jetsom the scenes are almost hypnotising. Stay on target, stay on target. The structures speed by above the mining planet and galaxial backgrounds, taking your breath away like vacuum. The graphic artwork is unbeatable on a big-screen and flawless in gameplay action. The soundtrack and audio narration compliment the game’s quality engineering. I am stellar impressed!

Galaxy On Fire-Manticore Rising

Soon you’ll join pilot Sun Khanna and venture through dogfights in the Rigant Vortex and beyond, but I won’t spoil any more. So the saga continues. Deep Silver FISHLABS please, please migrate GOF 3 Manticore to Apple TV!


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