Impulse GP – Hover Bike Race Action on Apple TV

Impelling force gameplay speeds you smoothly along on a futuristic hover-bike racer that’ll make your helmet spin! Swayed by impulse for days, I’ve traded the tilt-control action for the relative quiet of a game review–as played on Apple TV.

Impulse GP vid

Impetus Rising

Here’s a racer that really defines the meaning of speed. Impulse GP by EcoTorque Games is one of the finest racer games out there–if not the best 2-wheeler. Wait! There are no wheels, this crotch-rocket hovers with ion-thrust man!

It’s the future–2035– and the start track is the Floating Island: a mega-speedway with heady translucent flyovers, a loop-the-loop and jungle canyon throughways spanning a south-pacific sea. I describe this because the 3-D artwork is nicely detailed and lends a utopian future feel as the panoramas hyper-speed by. Also in gameplay, at vertiginous velocities, graphics are fluid and fast. Hop on, grip the Siri on 3-D Touch tilt-mode and race on Apple TV!

Shooting off, acceleration is automatic and click puts on the brakes (but who wants to brake). Soon you’ll reach a green grid road section, so press & hold the play button–this is the impulse. Hold perfectly on green and boost to 100%–too early, you miss the impulse, too late and power is shorter. Blue grids–crossed and collected–allow you to charge an impulse released by holding the click-pad, especially effective combined with a green impulse. Red, well, as we said, who wants to brake!

Impulse Track On the Electromagnetic Highway

The ion-thrust hover-bikes are electromagnetic sleek & speedy–9 are available and customizable–but getting a new one, or advancing to new tracks requires some racing finesse. Practice your green-field impulse timing with the Drag race mode to get the click-timing gist. Move on to Lap and stuff starts happening. Beating the Lap-mode time requirement earns you stars to unlock the next racetrack–Sun Caves. After some tricky manoeuvres and a fleeting finale in Lap-mode (not before many tries) I earn 2 stars and get a new hover-bike! Now I only need to finish 3rd or better in Race-mode to move on to the next level, The Acropolis. Advance your hover-thrust pilot skills and 7 awesome tracks await you–after a $2.99 unlock purchase–but well worth the action.

impulse corkscrew

Hovering Heights

So here’s our Impulse GP game strategy: best the Lap time, get 3rd or better in Race, unlock new races and try to get 2 stars in Lap for new hover-bikes before moving to new races. Things get harder as you go and the tracks pose new craziness, like corkscrew loops and dead-stop red barriers! Go back to past races to best your times and rank on the all-time Impulse GP global leaderboards! Multi-player and MFi controller support keep the impulse flowing–cause this game is addictive! The electronic music soundtrack by Allan Levy keeps you hovering to the beats, though we experienced occasional sound cut-outs. Otherwise, there’s not a glitch in sight–at least not what we could see at those speeds.

I’m looking forward to more from EcoTorque Games, but for now I’m back to the Twin City track to unlock the Kenorex x-30 Shark bike…Wooooosh!


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  • Daniel

    Thanks for reviewing. One of the best racing games and one of the best looking at 60fps.

    • Paul France

      Cheers Daniel,
      Did you play it on Apple TV I wondered? It is a very cool game! Stay tuned…

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