Jump Buddies – Maze Hopping Fun on AppleTV & AndroidTV

Jump Buddies is thumb thumping jumping maze madness that’ll keep you hopping back for more. I was able to break away from gameplay on a massive TV screen long enough to write you a review. Check it out!

Jump Buddies Game Action

Hey Buddy, I’m Jumpin’ Here!

“Keep on jumping, keep on jumping, keep on jumping…” has become my mantra for Jump Buddies, a can’t-put-down arcade game by Crimson Pine Games. I’ve been navigating my cute little Bacteria avatar through a labyrinth of moving wall traps, deadly obstacles and pushy creatures’ shadows for hours. However trying it was to start, I finally figured out what to do and how to control my springy Bacteria with somewhat finesse. Here’s a top-down perspective environment, controlled by left/right thumb taps that poses quite a challenge. The popularity of Jump Buddies–at around 500,000 downloads–is mostly on mobile, but try it on Apple TV or Android TV and its hugeness comes into its own.

Jump Buddies POP

I’m All Thumbs

I’m no control freak, but for this free-to-play game I feel the need to provide a few tips. Our Bacteria buddy jumps with left-right thumb taps, but you absolutely must keep tapping or it basically jumps off the screen into buddy hell. Short, quick thumb thumps propel you through the maze, or into a moving wall if you’re not careful. Observe the time it takes for a jump before Bacteria dies; use timing and slow taps to get through narrow labyrinthine passages and avoid moving wall-traps. Runs with quick taps and an occasional left or right nudge get you through straight maze areas nicely. Wait too long to jump or hit any walls and…POP you’re dead buddy. Beware of other creatures with shadows, which sometimes make you skip a beat and… POP you’re dead buddy!

Jump Buddies Zombie

Bacteria, Stars, Zombies & Pandas

Golden stars, that priceless arcade-game commodity, are what you collect in Jump Buddies to unlock new buddy avatars. Right now 39 are available for 100 stars each on the random slot-machine generator (or choose with in-app purchase)–Crimson Pine promises more avatars are on the way. Zombie is my next buddy and so the game environment changes too. Now as Zombie hops and flips through a new random maze (with maze-wall-trap variations), instead of shadow-bugs, smiley-germs and a microbe-bubble trail with Bacteria you get skeleton arms, bats and a trail of black goo. With buddies like Panda or Hedgehog things start to get cute again.The further through the “world” you advance, the more new surprises spring up–which I won’t spoil. Besides mastering the jump action controls, the game stays challenging, getting more difficult and hazardous as you go on.

The Apple and Android TV versions don’t harass you continuously with annoying ads like on mobile versions, but you can watch them to gain stars if you want. An occasional bug (either app or console, I don’t know) was only mildly irritating. Simple, clean HD graphics–with really good avatar characters–cute giggle, squeak, yelp and jingle sounds, without a music loop, add to the well made style of Jump Buddies. This stays in my game folder and I’ll surely try another from Crimson Pine.
Keep on jumpin’ buddies!





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