Knock Knock: Fire TV Game Review–Couch-Games Halloween

This game is really out there, I’m talking spooky weirdness at a distance! Play Knock Knock at Halloween in the dark and partake of some genuine scariness.

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Couch-Games searched for worthy Fire TV horror games recently, with our top pick earning a special Knock Knock Fire TV game review. Have a horrific Halloween with this unhinged 2D side-scrolling adventure.

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Off Your Knocker

In Knock Knock by Ice-Pick Lodge you put yourself in the slippers of a mumbling, paranoid insomniac being haunted by a world of pure insanity. In fact, you too may also go insane trying to figure it out–all part of the unbalanced amusement! There’s a presence in the house; a huge empty house in the middle of a dark forest. Our antagonist hears things–loud knocks, disembodied moans and voices warning him. Has he gone crazy, or is he just a somnambulist experiencing very lucid nightmares? Hard to tell, but he must walk from room to room turning the lights on and off or winding clocks. These actions seem to make things happen, but what exactly is rather obscure and crazy difficult to figure out.

To add insult to injury, if a headless woman in a straitjacket, a disembodied eye, or a ball of leaves catch him in the dark… it’s bye-bye. Actually, this sends him back to bed, causing game progress to revert to the beginning. What progress, is still unclear!


Mechanic of Madness

Most who play Knock Knock will doubt it’s even a game, rather an exercise in insanity. The mechanic is anything but easy, if not totally unintelligible. But, I did figure out a thing or two (and later much more). Turning on the bare light-bulb in a room makes a piece of furniture or apparatus appear in the otherwise barren house. These things offer a hiding place for our poor little dude. Leaving the light on however attracts the ghostly apparitions… so turn them off… I think. If the creature comes, it’s imperative you hide behind said furniture to avoid being sent back to bed. Turning the light back on also stops the ghosts for a bit. Sometimes a clock appears, which you wind to cause time to move forward.


The main object of Knock Knock seems to be surviving, awake until dawn by making hiding places appear and eventually leaving the house as the story unfolds. Sometimes the view will pan-out, showing a side-view of the house’s rooms and highlighting a certain chamber. It seems you are meant to go there, to make furniture appear or turn time forward–but maybe that’s where the house “guests” will be. The ghostly voices often announce cryptic… clues? Oh, and you are also searching for pages of your diary. When you “die” a kind of insanely scribbled map shows where you are–and there are many places to go, if only you could survive. If the door is flung open in a din of banging, you find yourself in the forest… which leads to more odd buildings, encounters and further into the very essence of lunacy and confusion.

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Ice-Pick in the Brain

The developers–Ice-Pick Lodge–apparently received a mysterious email challenging them to create an insanely unconventional game–which they certainly did! There is of course a method to the madness and a very complex mystery to uncover as you survive the nights and move on. In fact there is a fabulous game wiki, which may help you retain your sanity that much more. I won’t spoil anything further–play if you dare!

With beautiful artwork, amazingly creepy sound fx and an aesthetic of horror that seeps into your very soul, Knock Knock is hands down the Couch-Games horror pick for Fire TV. Stay home on Halloween, turn out the lights, start playing and your’e guaranteed to be there until the dawn–or in the mental ward!


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