Machinarium finally arrives to Apple TV

Welcome to Machinarium. Go on a puzzler adventure with Josef the robot to rescue Berta and foil the dastardly Black Cap Brotherhood.

Machinarium Apple TV Review

Machinarium by Czech developers Amanita Design has been out for some years–a veteran game by now. But it’s finally arrived to tvOS. This is the kind of game, best played big-screen, that creates a singular Machinerium Apple TV experience.

Machinarium Apple TV Review

Machinarium Apple TV Adventure

Meet Josef, inhabitant of Machinarium, a robot in pieces left for dead on some outlying scrapyard. He is the victim of a dastardly trio known notoriously as the Black Cap Brotherhood. They’ve kidnapped his beloved Berta and hatched a plan of sabotage against the city. Fortunately Josef’s resourceful, a master of using his surroundings to solve a tricky situation. That’s exactly what he (and you) have to do to get to the bottom of things: foil the Black Caps, save the city and ultimately rescue Berta. This takes him back to the metropolis of Machinarium on a fabulous adventure into the heart of the machine world. However, every clanking step requires logic, intuition and a sharp eye to solve the puzzle plot.

Machinarium Couch-Games Review


Machinarium Apple TV controls with the Siri remote are straightforward. Point and click the icons for walking or touch interaction to get Josef around. He’s a robot, so his tin body can extend or retract. He also has a hollow belly to store found items. Objects found are instrumental in working out the conundrums. This also includes combining items to advance, like a piece of string and a magnet. Scenes require not only combining items and actions, but resolving mini-machine games. This entails puzzles like number, sound or slot combinations including cool arcade game sequences which are the crux of the game. And tricky. Nevertheless it’s the plot, graphics and ambient soundtrack that make gameplay delightful. The story unfolds throughout the different ramshackle urban scenes that are really quite wondrous. There’s no dialogue, but the back-story and clues are depicted through sketched thought-bubbles. Then there’s Josef.

Machinarium Couch-Games Review

Inside Josef

In the game-o-sphere of robot heroes Josef is one of the coolest. He’s happy-go-lucky on his mission and has time in his good though sometimes sneaky nature to help others. This by the way is key. Everyone he comes across has been ripped-off by the Black Caps. He’ll help street musicians or old ladies and gain achievements along the way. Retrieving their stolen goods takes him one step further to his goal. Let Josef dally and he starts to reminisce of good times with Berta and the little robots or bad times being bullied by the Black Caps. Through his observations he uncovers the villainous plot of the brotherhood and becomes an unwilling hero. Namely a bomb set to destroy the tower and brain-leader of the Machinerium metropolis.

Machinarium Couch-Games Review

On Amanita Design

What really stands out in Machinarium however is the awesome atmosphere created by hand-drawn artwork, sound and music. The incredibly detailed steampunk-like environments are masterpieces in themselves. I found myself staring at the scene’s rich colors, backgrounds and weird renderings long before starting play. This is the award-winning signature art and sound style of Amanita Design Games including the equally awesome Samorost series. Samorost 3 just came out but the series is not yet available on tvOS… but soon?

Another question I have after this awesome Machinarium Apple TV adventure is: will there be a sequel?

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