Naught 2: Underground Gravity Gameplay on Fire TV

Naught returns on a deeper and darker passage into the underworld. This is an accelerometer adventure platformer of feline free-falling fun–play it on Fire TV with a big, huge screen!

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Ones and Naught

The fearless cat-creature returns in Naught 2 by Blue Shadow Games (now Wild Sphere) and I played the awesome odyssey on a huge-screen Fire TV!

Naught is a bipedal feline awakened from his cat-nap to save his girl-owner who’s lost in a subterranean netherworld. Naught is both cute and courageous as he slips and slides, leaps and swims through the strange underworld. It’s a treacherous place, filled with dangers like deadly brambles, sundew sprouts and of course monsters. However, the geologic strata also yields healing flowers and precious diamonds, which are gathered in each scene. As providence would have it, he’s got a floating-eye-thing friend that guides him along the way. Oh, did I mention… Naught can control gravity!

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Gravity Gyroscope

Naught 2 is both aesthetic and thorny, with strangely soothing environments and tricky gameplay action. Gravity control–or accelerometer mechanics–give this 2D platformer a certain uniqueness in a crowded genre.This black cat manipulates gravity, like a 2D gyroscope ability that turns the environment this way and that. Naught then moves in a free-fall, sliding down rocky tunnels, jumping onto precipices and suspended subterranean islands to get around. The challenge of mastering the gravity movement and changing course accurately takes an artful hand–or a bit of practice. This was extremely fun! As opposed to the mobile version (tilt/rotate), the Fire TV build requires a gamepad, which flows nicely.

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Catacombs & Creatures

Beneath the world’s crust it’s dark. So too the catacombs of Naught’s catabasis (excuse the pun) rescue mission. Semi-monochrome graphics, silhouetted cliffs and passages relay a noir-ish mood to the scene. Despite all that black, nuances like plants, shells or rock-faces add subtle detail. Naught 2 plunges you into sub-strata pools and even giant bubbles with great graphics gradient shading. Liquid travel also changes the game-physics to an otherworldly slo-mo. Colour lurks in the flora, warning dangers Naught must face. Red spiked brambles, sticky sundew sprouts or poison underwater fungi end our feline’s sojourn abruptly. Then there’s the monsters! Spoor spitting snakes, slithery worms, killer deep-sea fish… and boss-monsters. The boss battles pit Naught against creatures such as Edahi or Dohai–nasty Lovecraftian Cthulhoid-like gargantuans. The BB’s are tough tasks… but doable.

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More lurks down the rabbit hole–but I won’t spoil it. Suffice to say playing was as good as catnip! Sure, Naught 2 does have the basic game premise. Collect 3 diamonds, gather healing points, get to the portal and get through the levels–but it’s hypnotisably fun! I spent hours playing, even just free-falling down tunnels and descending underwater labyrinths long after I’d gathered my diamonds! The music, an underground sound-fx drum & bass mix by Mangu Diaz puts a perfect ambient sheen on an already super satisfying and mesmerising casual game. I wonder about  a Naught 3? Naught Reawakening… yoo-hoo, it’s out, but just not for connected TV. How ‘bout it hombres?

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