Nightgate: Enter the AI mind on Apple TV

A sci-fi zen trip into the multiple dimensions of an AI collective mind in the not too distant future. This is Nightgate.

Nightgate Couch-Games Review

Enter the Nightgate

It’s the 24th century and humanity no longer populates Earth. Instead an AI collective mind known as Nightgate remains as sentinels of the blue planet. The adventure takes place within an abstract computer environment of geometric mazes governed by 1’s and 0’s. As a dot propelled through different constructs you fly over touch-point nodes, joining them like some connection current. The gates have been closed off from humanity in the Nightgate collective existence and it’s your designated program to reopen them. The story unfolds as you advance, but remains abstract. Just like it might be if you were to travel through the mind of an AI program.

Nightgate Couch-Games Review

Parallax View

Nightgate by developers Semidome throws 2-D mandala-like patterns at you that become 3-D parallax effect flights. Your AI dot travels through grids of simple geometric lines that rotate or oscillate within the frame. Through layering and angle tweaks a 3-D world arises causing that parallax optical illusion look. These simple vector graphic renderings make for a killer Tron effect. Red fields are deadly and must be avoided or your’e wiped. The red nemesis seems to be a firewall or invader virus of the Nightgate. You are guided by another AI dot that is the only other functioning survivor within the program parameters. As you follow it through the system new dimensions develop.

Nightgate Couch-Games Review


Imagine The Matrix meets Tron but way more zen and abstract, that’s Nightgate. And it’s a novel game concept. Flying through the parallax patterns, while not really difficult is an holistic experience in relaxation. The original ambient music soundtrack too adds to the hypnotic effect. There are 50 levels to traverse, with a few different mechanics, like connecting or pushing node-points. Sometimes even time slows down. Each level is short and usually easy, but nevertheless more challenging in increments. The Apple TV Siri controls are flawless touch-pad slides that function quickly and smoothly. Nightgate is a game that evokes a zen-like mysterious feeling of how it might be within the mind of AI consciousness.

Best played big-screen on Apple TV in the dark with the sound up! 

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