Playing in the Crossy Road – A Game Review

Crossy Road – Endless Arcade Hopper is a sweetly simple game that gives you that warm, fuzzy, fun-lovin’ feeling. A feeling fully enjoyed on Smart TV panoramas!

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Playing In The Road

In a randomly generated pixel-cube wilderness, Crossy Road pits the proverbial chicken trying to cross the road–modelled after Frogger–side-scrolling forever to the other side. Taps & swipes, kooky old-school arcade sounds, an array of obstacles to squash or snag you and coins & prizes all urge you toward the high score and winning (or purchasing) from a gallery of Lego-like mascots. Personally, I like the chicken.

Created by Aussie developers Hipster Whale in 2014 (their debut), Crossy Road has since bagged over 100,000,000 downloads, won awards, released updates and introduced a plethora of new mascot avatars for the road. There’s something to be said for simplicity, but what, you may ask is so special about this particular game? While the core-concept is nothing new, the designers just seemed to have pressed all the right buttons, coming up with a certain delightful aesthetic and non-intrusive free-to-play style game that players love.

The Crossy Road Rundown

You are the chicken. The chicken must cross the road; a busy highway that goes on lane for lane into infinity bordered by rivers and safe zones. Tap and you hop forward, swipe for directional change and keep hopping or the world will crush you from behind–if the eagle doesn’t snatch you first. Expect to be squashed by cars and high-speed trains, flattened against trucks, drowned, death by tree or rock and occasional attacks by other mascots. All resulting in a squawk, a feather flurry and of course death. Each hop racks up a point and that’s the ingeniously simple point of the game–to keep on going and get the highest score possible. The rewards (besides a giggle or cluck) are winning new mascot characters of which currently 163 exist. Along the road collect gold coins usable in unlocking new mascots. Watching ads will earn coins too, but it’s unobtrusive and your option to watch. As time elapses prizes are awarded taking you to the lottery machine which spits out random mascots. Of course there are in-app purchases if all else fails.

Crossy Road chicken

Simple Does Not Mean Easy

Beginners tend to just run like hell in a straight line, tapping in the points. But Crossy Road manoeuvres are quite sophisticated and pose a real challenge to master. Swipes move you directionally but must be combined with taps or else bye-bye. In fact there are several pro moves like Tailgating, Log Cancelling, Juking or Dash Dancing that require swift swipe & tap move combinations–viewable on the game wiki.

Though the game-play mechanics remain the same, many mascots have their own quirks that influence the scene, sounds and terrain. Things are pretty normal for Chicken in the Grassland terrain, but obtain a mascot like the Dark Lord and things start looking apocalyptic. Get Frankenstein and all goes black & white. New updates have added new mascots and scenes. Australia Update, Korea Update (incidentally the biggest fan-base), or even Pac-Man Update all change up the game nicely.

The simple tap & swipe controls in Crossy Road allow for killer control when using Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV Bluetooth remote sticks–sleek and small without a game pad.

I can’t find anything I don’t like about Crossy Road, except that I can’t seem to get a higher score than 67.

Nice job Hipster Whale!



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