Quick Crazy Games on Apple TV (to drive you nutty): Faily Brakes

Odd concepts & creativity abound in the game-o-sphere, but these quick-to-play selections for Apple TV are crazy, weird, original and will drive you absolutely nutty! Go mad with this Couch-Games series.

Faily Brakes Vid

Faily Brakes certainly fits into this Couch-Games series for quick crazy games on Apple TV to drive you nutty. Though not really designed as a quick-to-play game, you likely won’t last long in Faily Brakes. This seems to be the ulterior point of the game; to crash and be thrown as far as possible from the vehicle in a spectacular flailing rag-doll dance. To be sure, this endless driver game is totally bizarre!

faily brakes 2

Rag-doll Dance

Phil Faily cruises along the road without a care in the world, when he realises… the brakes have failed. Plummeting off-road into the countryside the car careens down some canyon embankment where every obstacle is deadly. Beware of trees, rocks, cars and trains as you steer headlong over bridges, ramps and across roads or train tracks. Veer into anything except coins or other pickups and you are violently thrown from the vehicle. This is where the laughs begin; with the first (of many) nasty accidents where Phil is ejected from the driver’s seat and propelled across the landscape. With a physics game mechanic–actually known as rag-doll physics–every excruciating bash & smash, bone-crunch, twisted-limb move happens in slo-mo throwing Phil from the car. Oh, the steering is physics-based too, but being rather touchy, wants you to wreck hard. Faily Brakes drove me nutty. I could not get far without a crash… until I realised; this seems to be the name of the game!

faily vid

Flailing Faily Fun

Just as I get into the gist of heavy controls and being satisfied with failure, I endeavour to figure this game out. Is it the random scene changes that confound me? Not really. How about the strange pickups? Yea, coins are good, but what can I buy with just a few? The kooky pickups are awesome however; machine-guns, missiles, or shields to blow-away or block those frequent crash obstacles make things easier for a second or two. Better though, a rocket-pack or hamster-ball for Phil (or Anita Faily if you prefer) to fly or bounce longer to his/her death. More time-points of course, ’cause, again, this seems the point of the game. This is the absolute best part of the game let me say (between bouts of raucous laughter)!

Visually and aesthetically, Faily Brakes is cool and more so on a big Apple TV screen. It’s nicely detailed, has different environments and cool 3-D graphics, not to mention a banjo soundtrack that heightens hilarity. There’s also a host of cars and even mad costumes to acquire–but at this rate of speedy failure, an occasional gift or just IAP’s only seem possible. That’s the thing… we just don’t know! Don’t get me wrong–I find this game by devs Spunge Games a laugh-a-minute, so kooky and somehow fun-faily that it has definitely driven me nutty with delight!

Watch out for Phil in Faily Rider…!


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  • Eddie

    My wife recently purchased this game and we can’t figure out how the controls work. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Paul France

      Hi Eddie,
      Well, Faily Brakes is just thumb-slide left or right on the Siri remote pad to steer… it’ll still drive you nutty! Have fun.

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