Quick Crazy Games on Apple TV (to drive you nutty): No Humanity

Odd creative concepts abound in the game-o-sphere, but these quick-to-play selections for Apple TV are crazy, weird original and will drive you absolutely nutty! Go mad with this Couch-Games series!

No Humanity Vid

No Humanity

No Humanity is a quick crazy game on Apple TV that is touted “the hardest game in the world”… maybe, possibly, yes. Sweaty Chair (the devs) challenge you to survive 15 seconds… yes, possible, but not before becoming a nutcase!

Earth broke and you are now floating in space. You’re a little flying saucer in a 2-D notebook paper world whose job is to simply get out of the way for as long as possible. Everything you touch destroys you and lasting longer than milliseconds is a job well done! It’s as if a cruel child-god is drawing in real-time; sketching anything to smash the little UFO. Missiles, big & small cruise randomly through the page across geometric lines that thicken and kill you. If that’s not enough, huge characters pop up and generally it’s game over man.


Spikey-haired kids come on screen sideways; avoid ‘em, yes, but then the hair flies out in random projectiles… you’re dead. Things are looking good avoiding bombs, lines and evil kids, then SNAP, giant fish jaws gobble you up from below. How about a skull that quivers on screen to remind you of how deadly No Humanity is? Yep, it’ll crush UFO. If giant side-scrolling jellyfish, whirling octopi twins, a kid’s flying eyeballs or a summersaulting blowfish don’t get you… a giant hand will squish you. Did I mention the crab? Yes, all death.


Sweaty Thumb

You’ll get plenty of Siri remote thumb-slide practice in No Humanity. My tip: keep the thumb sweating in the middle of the pad for short, slight movements. At first (or maybe always) you will only last nanoseconds, but it is possible to stay alive for, well 17.04 seconds if you count me! Survive and you unlock new little vehicles for your 15-second bout of insanity… I’m in a car now! While this game will drive you nuts, it’s a bellowing barrel of laughs, has nutty sketch artwork, cool boing-crunch sound-fx and a groovy D&B soundtrack as well as mega-crazy multi-player fun! Oh, did I mention the whale?

Too bad this is the only app Sweaty Chair has for Apple TV…. looking forward to more from down under you guys! Stay tuned for more quick crazy games to drive you nutty on Apple TV in this ongoing Couch-Games series.


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