Quick crazy games for Apple TV (to drive you nutty): Crooked Path

Odd concepts & creativity abound in the game-o-sphere, but these quick-to-play selections for Apple TV are crazy, weird, original and will drive you absolutely nutty! Go mad with this Couch-Games series part 3!

Crooked Path Vid

Loop of Compulsion

Crooked Path by RuvixArts is an endless puzzle runner that just might drive you off the path of sanity… or into a hypnotic world of mindfulness–it’s up to you! This quick crazy game for Apple TV (to drive you nutty) selection is based on the Compulsion Loop game mechanic. Yes, it literally comes full-circle in this 3-D maze of endless déjà vu. I like it’s other dimensional worldliness; a humanoid silhouette traversing a labyrinthine path as its only existence. We’re talking transporters and wormhole portals here as one attempts to rise above one’s self and reality. It’s a really tough catacomb of mazes… and movement never stops, making it rather mind-grinding as looking ahead is virtually impossible. That’s where the compulsion comes in; you are compelled to continue–a recipe for addiction. Or, just giving up.

Crooked Path 2

Nutcase Rising

To inspire you, the dev has included words of wisdom and motivation with each chapter (level) like: “Your greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall”–which also give you vague clues as what you must do per level. Nevertheless this is a game of pure trial & error… and being extremely patient, diligent and… well… patient as hell! As mentioned, your figure never stops, so you must keep tap-turning along the narrow elevated paths of the structure. You cannot turn left or right, only whichever direction the mechanic allows.

To add insult to injury there are actually 3 lanes along this crooked and very narrow path–left, right and centre. On some levels you have to be exactly on track as it becomes super thin. Either way, turns have to be right on target… or whoosh… you go off into the bit ether. You rise again immediately and on and on and on like an old Bill Murray movie, or until you actually make it to the maze’s end. Behold! A beam of light delivers you upwards… to the next insane puzzle path!

crooked ascent

Whomever lasts in the loop of Crooked Path will reach a hypnotic trance of cognitive Mindfulness! Furthermore you will advance in levels, with each ascension being a yoo-hoo! yeah! exclamation of triumph to keep you playing. As a quick crazy game for Apple TV to drive you nutty (part 3), this really qualified–check out part 1 and part 2. If you stay at this game without going barmy, the game, graphics and new-agey music may help take you to levels you never thought possible–12 of them–on and on and on and on and…


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