Red’s Kingdom: A nutty cartoon puzzler adventure on Apple TV

Red is a snaggletooth squirrel on a colorful cartoon puzzle adventure to rescue Papa and retrieve the Golden Nut from evil Mad King Mac.

Red's Kingdom Couch-Games

Top Nut

Red’s Kingdom stars a truly lovable hero on an epic cartoon puzzle adventure. Red is Top Nut in the red squirrel community and holder of the Golden Acorn. Unfortunately, the kingdom is dominated by the gray squirrel elite and the iron paw of despotic Mad King Mac. This tale of struggle and heroism opens like many a great story of oppression. King Mac and his entourage come to Red’s humble abode to collect an unfair tax levy. The mad king not only takes Red’s winter nut supply and the Golden Acorn, he also kidnaps Papa for ransom. The thing is, Red is not Top Nut for nothing, so he sets off in the face of adversity as any hero would. Thus the adventure begins to rescue Papa, retrieve the Golden Nut and maybe even depose the king.

Red's Kingdom Couch-Games

To the Gem Gate

Red’s Kingdom is best described as an open world action adventure puzzler game. Red goes forth through the kingdom, made up of 17 sections of outdoor and dungeon chamber scenes. movement is in four directions with a 3D birds-eye-view perspective. In each scene he must take the best route to the next door without getting stuck. That’s the puzzle part. Scenes are detailed with obstacles like gates, moving barriers, rocks or bushes in a maze-like situation. He moves directionally as if on a chess board. The scenes are dotted with nuts to collect both as currency and to guide the way. Red also picks up hearts for health (yes, there are deadly pitfalls) and other key objects and collectibles to help him advance.The puzzle routes are usually straightforward, but nevertheless a fun challenge. Otherwise the story unfolds delightfully and becomes a worthy adventure with personality.

Red's Kingdom Couch-Games

Puzzler Personality

A puzzler adventure with personality makes a good game. Red’s Kingdom joins lovable funny characters, a detailed storyline and a colorful as candy cartoon world for a delightful adventure. Scottish developers Cobra Mobile also added a cool soundtrack varying from mysterious/pleasant in dungeon scenes to whimsical medieval pipe-music outdoors. Completing tasks advances Red’s quest, but the story is not linear. The world is open to wander and viewable on a handy map and journal. The chambers and gardens have goons to defeat, timed contraptions to outrun and artifacts to collect to name a few. Red must bring Professor Nuttola in Albakerk 3 gems, search through Ben Daraich or teleport to Rubrum Grove and find the Gem Gate in Aureus Bramble. He’ll free the girl and get the medallion to defeat the king’s goons. Of course many more tasks and surprises are in store, so i won’t spoil it.

Red's Kingdom Couch-Games

Red’s Kingdom Rules!

In the spirit of Zelda, but with cute cartoon characters, Red’s Kingdom is another new tvOS game release for 2017. Couch-games is happy to see more developers portating to Apple TV from the start and not months later. That said, playing big-screen on Apple TV makes the colorful as candy couch comfort gameplay even better. Occasionally the Siri remote control was less than optimal, sending Red the wrong way, often to his death. Siri remains a thorn in the side of Apple TV gaming, so let’s hope for a re-design!

Besides personality, delicious graphics and fun, fast-paced gameplay, Red is the coolest squirrel evvvva! Suffice to say, not only your kids will fall for Red’s Kingdom.

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