Riptide GP 2: H2O Gaming to the Max

Riptide GP 2: A rip roaring ride on futuristic H2O racetracks pulling outrageously slick stunt jumps. We ripped the tide on Apple TV!

riptide gp 2

Heads up: part 3 of the Vector Unit Games franchise Riptide GP Renegade is out too and also available on Apple TV. Nevertheless, we’re ripping with part 2 first.

riptide gp

H2O Rocks!

Riptide GP 2 takes you back on the wildest wake to a new adventurous far-flung future. Here it’s all about spectacular stunts, gallons of circuits, killer graphics and a challenging gameplay mechanic. This GP sequel is well worthy of the top racer games–especially big-screen on Apple TV. Ok, on the surface (no pun intended) it may look like just another race game. Actually in many ways it is. The racer genre seems to have a system down that all racing gamers love, or at least are used to. Sleek, seamless 3-D graphics, extensive race career menus, garage upgrades and yes, speed guaranteed! Riptide 2 has all that and a few unique and slick specs that make it a new challenge for speed-junkie race fans. One thing is sure, the H2O action & graphics are glistening!

riptide gp shot

Riptide Rundown

First, don your waterproof race-wear and mount a mega-machine hydro-jet monster. Now, get into career mode to practice a new gravity game mechanic… namely the liquid kind. Start with Beginners Luck and the Milk Run race series. Like many race games it’s a 3-star premise and cash is rewarded for placement prowess. These bad-boy hydro jet-skis naturally have a power-boost function. Of course Riptide is all about stunts my aspiring pilot, so don’t you forget it! Namely, you must pull awesome stunts to gain the boost function. The Siri remote is killer to steer by accelerometer movements. However, I found it hard to master stunt moves–various button-move combos–but then i suck. Finish high in race-modes and best laps and the stars & cash gather, as well as Xp. Here you begin to master the aqua-race game mechanic-and sick stunts.

riptide gp

Shimmering Quintillion

The aqua-glide Riptide mechanic and flowing water 3-D graphics set this game apart from other racers. Ripping the H2O smoothly with this mechanic is a challenge to stay on-track and ahead. But ‘aint it all about a challenge? Need I mention, the gravity/speed mechanic difficulty increases as you advance my friend. I also liked the garage and skill upgrade system–making you slickly competitive. A less complex interface, yet sufficient enough to advance, keeps a game interesting. Get badder machines, tune & pimp ‘em and learn new outrageous stunts for the circuits. Speaking of circuits; Riptide GP 2 has quintillions of gallons of career races, notwithstanding online play and split-screen. And oh man, there’s that H2O graphic brilliance! My absolute fave aspect of this game was the aqua-effects. Yeah and ripping tide through that watery world was tough, but a blast. That’s how a good race game should be. Nice job Vector Unit… once again!

As for me: I’m sticking to my fully upgraded red Stingray and going for the Galaxy Cup dude!


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