Sky Force Anniversary: an Apple TV game review

Sky Force Anniversary puts you in an arcade pilot shooter cockpit to defeat enemy fleets and squadrons and rescue stranded humans. Couch-Games joined the force on Apple TV.

Sky Force Anniversary

Sky Force Anniversary Story

I like a story, but I also like no obvious story because you can let your imagination roam. In Sky Force Anniversary you pilot a sub-orbital spaceplane on an island surface exoplanet fighting fleets and squadrons of machine enemies to rescue stranded humans. Well, that’s my story. Your ship is futuristic hi-tech with armament capability galore. Battleships, WWII-like planes, copters and cannon-turrets are the enemy, which seem low-tech and anachronistic in comparison. This is the first thing I liked about this game. Sky Force came out originally last decade and took shoot-’em-up gamers by storm. Now, the reloaded, 3-D version hits screens–thus, happy anniversary! Arcade action with fluid graphics, high-speed action and a metagame to keep you happily involved and blasting really does the job on Apple TV. That is, keeps you playing!

Sky Force Anniversary

 Human Rescued

As your craft descends the cloud line above a glistening ocean, Spitfire plane chain squadrons attack. No worries, your plane fires automatically, destroying enemies in classic arcade style action. The groups of islands are infested with battleships and they fire back. As the squadron chains weave and drop you must avoid cannon fire from ships, gun turrets, tanks and  helicopter groups. Of course you need to destroy as many enemies as possible. Then there’s the boss-battle ships! The game premise is a straightforward arcade deal, though with flair. Destroy enemies, rescue stranded humans, collect stars and upgrade pickups while avoiding fire. Achieve the set goals, that is blast 70%/100% of your adversaries, rescue all humans and stay untouched and you earn medals. Medals of honor take you to new levels–9 in all. Stars are currency for upgrading an array of weapons, shields and star magnets. The medals are doable, but usually after some attempts, which keeps you playing levels while earning more stars for craft improvements. That’s the metagame.

Sky Force Anniversary

Join The Force

Sky Force Anniversary offers fast-paced, fun arcade gameplay that certainly is addictive. But that’s not all I liked. For the anniversary edition, Polish developers Infinite Dreams did a lovely job on the graphics and playing field. You have a massive screen to move in which is perfect on Apple TV. Graphics are beautifully sophisticated, with tropical islands, vast oceans and nicely detailed enemy craft. The top-down view, scrolling mechanic and huge screen allow you to move quickly and accurately to dodge enemy fire. The Siri remote too is well-suited, with simple thumb slides for directional control and a nifty slo-mo function. Naturally things get more difficult as you progress, but this is more about shoot-’em-up fun than anything else. Try the co-op mode too. I kept going back to improve each level which shows a game’s lure if you do.  And anyway, isn’t it nice to rescue humans?



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