Steamkraft: A Jules Verne World Endless Runner

Take heed honourable sirs and madams of the Vernean persuasion! Engage in the vivacious diversion of Steamkraft as your next parlour game–procurable on your Apple TV electrical apparatus.


Jules Verne, the 19th century novelist, playwright & sci-fi founding genius once said: “In consequence of inventing machines, men will be devoured by them.” These days he’d certainly be a hardcore gamer and probably, in wistfulness, love the Steampunk genre. At Couch-Games we recently discovered the delightful endless runner game known as Steamkraft–Steampunk Voyages Inspired by Jules Verne. So we set-up the time machine, brought him in and let him write the review!


Vernean Steam

In my day one took peculiar pleasure in engaging in the civilised avocation of parlour games such as Whist or Nine Man’s Morris. Whereas I was of the humour to consider them in as dull a manner as a leg of boiled mutton. Alas, such repasts with right honourable friends remain part of an anachronistic day contrary to this age when the gas-lamps are no longer lit. Indeed my lords and ladies, gentlemen, clerks, tradesmen and street urchins; our fancies may indubitably run wild in an era such as this digital revolution! To this purpose, hearken my benefaction, which occasions me to this narrative. Steamkraft shall acquaint you with the contrivances of my past imaginings, though inside the Apple TV apparatus, supersede the baneful influences of an elder ultra-civilisation!


20,000 Bytes Under The Sea

Steamkraft commences–to the delight of my playwright sensibilities–with a curtain rise, showcasing the first scene with one of my finer fictive contraptions–The Nautilus. In the steel & bronze submariner one is propelled along the seafloor endeavouring to circumvent rather alarming deep-sea mines. Pleasure in the fact that manipulating the Nautilus’ up or down motility requires merely sliding one’s thumb across the surface of the wondrous Siri Remote device. Navigating into circles of light protects against the mines, yet like its ignis fatuus nature, vanishes quickly. Sufficing a skilful hand, one accumulates sufficient points and advances to the next scene–of which currently 4 chapters–reflecting my stories–exist. Let it be known, chapter 5 & 6 have been created, though yet to appear inside the Apple TV machine.

to the moonAerostats & Rocket Ships

Oh to traverse the skies over Paris in a dirigible assisted velocipede, circumnavigate Earth within a helium aerostat or indeed board a Moon-bound rocket-ship–all seem possible in Steamkraft. The game strategy remains constant; avoid the albatross, flaming arrows or asteroids in respective play chapters and seek out electrical force-fields for protection. Aspire to the attainments at hand and ye shall triumph! With increased avidity do I delve into the accoutrements of your wondrous Apple TV analytical engine and the literary concept of Steampunk. Namely the digitally generated moving pictures (as you say graphics) fused into the inventional vision of my 19th century counterparts make for alacritous fancy & heightened diversion. Never to pretermit, symphonic accompaniment worthy of gentlemanly tastes!


Alighting the Telehorse

Afore alighting this era and returning to my own, I commend the creativity of Warsaw publisher Telehorse for the creation of Steamkraft. In another far-flung time I shall endeavour to attribute my attention to their other games known as Steampunker and betimes to come, Steamburg–of which puzzle strategy and role-playing are required. A word in conclusion utilising the vernacular of your modern day; Steamkraft is awesome dude!


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