Surfingers Up! Game Play on Apple TV

Surfingers by Digital Melody Games will get you grooving to surf music, cool surfer graphics and gnarly move-the-wave controls with endless runner/surfer game action–swipe quick or swipe out!

Surfingers Video

Couch Surfingers

Sure you can play mobile, cruising in the VW bus on your way to the beach, but there’s nothing like the hugeness of setting up the Apple TV box on a big bad monitor or Smart TV for the full Couch Games, couch surfing effect. Surfingers, an endless runner–or in this case endless surfer–scenario has you riding waves of which you control the wave height ahead by swiping up or down with the Siri stick remote for a smooth ride. Don’t bail! Avoid obstacles like sunken ships, underwater rocks, submerged periscopes or low flying hot-air balloons to name a few. Collecting stars as you shoot the swells and riding up and down the waves as long as possible is the point of Surfingers–besides wave firing fun.

Surfingers game action designed by Digital Melody

Bitchin’ Moves Dudes & Gidgets

Swiping up or down sounds excruciatingly easy right? Not so with Surfinger’s unique play-move action of changing the level of the wave before you reach it to maintain a smooth wave ride. Sometimes level riding foam, sometimes dropping-in or up a wave and the swiping gets faster as you advance. Of course you get the gist soon and that’s where this game gets addictive. Get really good and use two-finger swipes instead of two successive one finger swipes to raise or descend double height waves–pro surf moves dude. A submarine periscope is ahead; raise the wave and avoid it or wipe out. Collecting stars is your character unlocking currency–beside in-app purchases–which can rack up quick on a long run. Star clusters above and underwater are coming; get ‘em Gidget with quick successive swipes and you’ll score a combo. Save stars to unlock new mascots, with 21 right now to choose from on the Apple TV version. Seems surfers come from all walks of life judging by Surfingers’ line-up: Jeff is a Barney (beginner), Lei, Cleo or Ginger are Gidgets (surfer chicks) at varying levels, but characters get weirder. Boney, Gutface, Bear Buddy, Robomix or the ultimate Golden Surfer can run you between 300 and 20,000 stars.

Surfingers character mascots by Digital Melody

Hang Loose

Surfingers is just one of eight free-to-play games developed by Digital Melody, with four ready for Apple TV. Their big hit thus far is Timberman, which strangely is not available on Smart TV. However, Fly O’Clock, Soccer Hit and Throw2Rio are.

Personally I find Surfingers the most awesome of the lot dudes… it’s rad! The novel graphic style; a kind of squashed boxy yet curvy cartoon characters’ simplicity looks pretty cute and adds to the fun. Awesome too, the soundtrack, which is of course old-school surf music, but it could do with some variation instead of just one music loop. For an “easy” game it’s still an enjoyable challenge to reach subsequent levels–at least for a noob like me. Speaking of levels; Digital Melody creatively decided that to surf one need not have water. Surf on Alpine snow, through Egyptian desert, into dark cave grottoes and even (I think) a sea of blood (with Boney) as you hang-ten through the levels.

Surfingers game action by Digital Melody
Although the Smart TV versions are more basic–like fewer menu options and fewer characters–versus mobile app versions, this game is still way complete and way more bitchin’ on a big screen.
Surfingers up!



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