Time Monkeys: Sci-fi firepower fun exclusively on Apple TV

In a dark future London, Time Monkeys pits an escaped lab monkey to reek havoc on his robot oppressors, destroying anything in sight. With profound firepower & endless ammo on loads of levels, this is thrilling 3-D console-style game chaos with a twist. Designed solely for Apple TV!

Time Monkeys Video

Twisted Simian

Well, Time Monkeys is pretty twisted, but the plot has a cool twist! So what’s the twist? Here’s the lowdown: The world–or at least London–exists in a dark, robot controlled future. A renegade lab monkey escapes his vivisectional bonds and being crazy, bat-shit, pissed-off commences to destroy everything, exacting vengeance on his mechanical overlords. Picking up weapons discarded in the subterranean lab ranging from AK-47’s to mini-cannons or plasma weapons–with unlimited ammo–he blasts practically anything to hell. Shot up crates yield silver coins, demolished bio-tanks, generators or laboratories and even eradicating furniture earns you $$ (though for what we’re not sure). As the mad monkey happily kills robots with heavy firepower or an alternating massive golden hammer and shreds & mashes lab decor on his rampage, life seems eternal. Until you are faced with the giant robot lab bouncer–who promptly annihilates monkey.

This is where the twist comes in.

Time Monkeys flux

Monkey’s death somehow triggers a time-travel-flux-event, bringing the previous monkey back as a “time ghost” and repeating his actions from before. Thereafter, each death essentially builds your time ghost army, doing what you did before, while you get through the battle at hand with “Bob-E police droids”. The ghost monkey counterparts are essential in surviving the ordeals ahead!

Time Monkeys Action

Make It to the Van

Free of the underground lab, the Time Monkeys roam metropolitan London on successive missions, gaining stars upon completion. The robot carnage continues as you make it to the creepy ice-cream van and new levels–36 in all. Use currency to buy new weapons from an armoury of 25 arms nastier than the last–though the golden hammer (weapon alternate) will flatten anything in range! Missions include escape mostly, but things like causing $1,000,000 (is monkey a yank?) damage at a museum (while splintering robo-cops), defeating the boss (another huge robot), or seeking a huge gem give gameplay an enjoyably addictive change of pace. Other than unabashed destruction, gameplay also seams puzzle and stealth tasks into the plot nicely. While you’ll get used to the Apple Siri-remote after a bit, I had better luck with a gamepad for directional control.

Time Monkey

3-D Apple action innit!

As a free-to-play game Time Monkeys goes above and beyond. UK-based Kwalee Games had been waiting for a platform to produce a high-quality 3-D console-style game for awhile–they found the opportunity with Apple TV. Designed in particular by Andrew Graham of Micro Machines fame, the result was quite impressive. Aside from crackin’ action, brilliant graphics & sound, an involved story and a few clever bits that make for loads of simian screeches–there’s not an ad in sight! This is the kind of game, in my humble opinion, that should only be played on a massive screen. Since it’s exclusively available on Apple TV, that’s what you’ll get. Gibber, gibber… I’m back off in time to London and Time Monkeys… innit!


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