Tiny Bombers: an explosively cute endless maze-runner on Apple TV

Bomb your way through yummy endless mazes avoiding a crumbling world, killer traps and your own explosives.

Tiny Bombers Couch-Games Review

Cannonball run

Tiny Bombers opens with Jimmy, a bespectacled kid in lederhosen and a bow tie that wends his way through mazes. If the way is blocked, he lays a cannonball bomb to blast the path free. I guess his mother never told him not to play with bombs–or was it matches? If he’s not careful he’ll blow himself up or get run over by a spike trap. Oh, and the world is crumbling behind him to top it off. But Jimmy’s not alone. Collect enough of that immortal game currency–gold coins–and unlock new weirdly cute characters and different maze environments.The goal is to get as far as possible–an endless task. That’s why it’s an endless runner…bomber.

Tiny Bombers Couch-Games Review

In the yummy mazes

Certainly the highlights of Tiny Bombers by Ahoy Games are the delicious candy graphics style and charming characters. Whether the maze consists of icing-topped cakes or tasty looking chunks of wood it kind of makes you drool. Especially when you die, the pan-perspective slow-motion and blurred backgrounds look funny yummy. Aside from Jimmy, there are 10 other cute bombers to unlock and 5 further with In-App Purchases. Thankfully gold coins are plentiful, so playing different little guys and new level layouts makes for variation. The characters like Rocky, Louis The Astronaut, Deadbone or Roboto are full of personality. The fact that each has their own maze layout also keeps things more spicy. The mazes are dynamically generated with deadly traps and various bomb types. Avoid being a suicide bomber! Additionally the sometimes whimsical, other times foreboding soundtrack by Michal Ratkowski keeps you grooving the mazes.

Tiny Bombers Couch-Games Review

Exploding Tiny Bombers

Despite it’s arcade cuteness, Tiny Bombers is a game of strategy and quick moves. As the mazes roll out before you, plotting the right course before the world crumbles is paramount. The Apple TV Siri controls are easy directional swipes with double-clicks to lay bombs and clear your path. Honestly though, I found the controls rather heavy. The quick swipe actions often sent me a different way than intended. This I chalk up to Siri as it’s not the first game where the touchpad seems slow to react. Although I died a lot because of this, it’s not so bad, and just required more gameplay practice. Nevertheless, Tiny Bombers is delightful arcade fun that’ll keep you bombing and bombing for a good long time. You can also play coop and it’s all free-to-play!

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