Toby: The Secret Mine game review on Apple TV

A wondrously strange world endless-runner adventure filled with perplexing puzzles and platform peril. Couch-Games helped Toby on Apple TV.

Toby the secret mine video

Toby’s quest

In an odd yet beautiful world lives a bipedal feline-like creature called Toby. Life seems idyllic until an evil red-eyed giant feline starts kidnapping his people. Toby: The Secret Mine becomes the quest as our hero sets off in pursuit of the antagonist and to rescue the imprisoned. Far from the safety of home Toby enters a secret world of darkness and danger. Not only must he run and jump through unknown scenarios, but also solve the enigmas to survive perilous puzzles. Or die trying.

Toby the secret mine video

Secrets of the mine

Toby: The Secret Mine takes you through dark, weird world tunnel systems joined by fantastical outdoor environments. The hero side-scrolls along on his quest faced with platform pitfall and clever logic puzzle gameplay. Each scene contains ramshackle apparatus to operate and moving traps or deadly creatures to overcome. Toby jumps along collapsing cliffs, mechanical platforms, over rickety structures and down dark shafts to name a few. He must trip levers, move blocks and boulders and collect keys to find and free his caged companions. The adversary sets arrow traps or throws cannonball bombs to thwart Toby. Far worse, deadly thorny vines, people-eating plants or spike-tailed serpents further hinder progress. Don’t forget the pendulum blades, circular saws or pounding pistons–Crrrunch! The physics mechanic gameplay keeps it real. Occasionally time-sensitive puzzle contraptions must be solved before jagged shrinking rooms or similar booby traps stop Toby.

Beware, this game is maddeningly challenging, but the challenge–and huge fun–make the dexterity and brain calories required well worth it.

Toby the secret mine video

Shadow and light

Helping Toby survive his odyssey takes a good bit of thinking, patience and much trial & error. Nevertheless beating each segment was a triumph and a delight to play. The exciting and difficult gameplay is one thing, but the artwork in Toby: The Secret Mine also adds a fascinating atmosphere. When in the mine, gameplay graphics are foreground silhouettes of the machinery, cliff platforms or deadly snares. Backgrounds however are beautiful if not foreboding colourful scenes of vast caverns, dinosaur graveyards and underground rivers. Some levels adjoin the mines with outdoor scenes. Toby  traverses junkyards and ravines in pelting rain or thunderstorms and cross a mountain pass outrunning a blizzard. Each level has a new devious challenge with a sound & visual ambience to match. Speaking of levels, there are 21 of them leading to the ultimate boss-battle. It’s there that the story becomes clear including a cool climactic plot twist!

Toby the secret mine video

Playing Toby: The Secret Mine by German developer/publisher Headup Games was awesome on big-screen with Apple TV. Although the control commands were easy enough, the Siri remote required a learning curve in itself to master. All part of the challenge. If you enjoyed the ambience of Badland (see our review) then go one up with the challenge of Toby!
Nice job Headup, how about a sequel?


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