Unmechanical: An odd hover-bot gravity puzzler on Fire TV

Navigate a hovering propellor-head bot through bizarre bio-mechanical environments. This delightful 2.5D graphics puzzler will have you clunking your mech-brain for hours!

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In Unmechanical, you play a rather worse-for-wear propeller-headed bot contraption with traction-beam mini-tentacles. Hovering along, your’e suddenly sucked into an extremely vast and weird bio-mechanical machine’s innards (I think). This is where the quest to get through and out of the beast starts! To do so, you must solve a variety of puzzles as you navigate the strange abyss to open up new and weirder zones. Of course the little lost bot must really use the ratchets & gears of its mech-brain to get through the puzzles. Around 30 such mind-bogglers including logic, physics and memory oriented tasks will set him free–and decipher the delightfully odd story.


Unmechanical Mechanics

Despite the title, Unmechanical is all about mechanics. The bot hovers thanks to that prop-top with gravity-physics control. One click and his tentacle-leg things grab objects–like rocks, cubes or mysterious light-balls–to be utilised in puzzles. The gravity-mechanic works beautifully. Although the Fire TV remote is fine, gamepad play is much smoother. Hovering along he’s swung about with counter-weight effects or collides with clinks & clunks into the surrounding patchwork world of rock, metal and tissue. Indeed some puzzle scenes involve gravitational accuracy–but controls are intuitive and straightforward. The puzzles are a different story! The little tarnished chrome-dome needs a user with logic prowess–or he’ll be stuck in the depths. Oh, I forgot… memory too!



The bio-mechanical world is an ominous place of mystery. Unpopulated, except for puzzle machinery or automated robots, our bot can get lonely. However, for all its creepiness, the environment poses no threat, besides being trapped! The developers–a group creation by GRIP Digital, Talawa Games and Teotl Studios–really nailed the atmosphere. 2.5-D graphics present this platformer wonderfully. Rich colour, textures & lighting, alien sound-fx and music describe this eldritch space in pristine detail. Imagine dark caverns with strange flora to amalgamations of metal, machinery and corporal flesh. Remember, our Unmechanical hero is lost within a living machine. Later, he can even don an aqualung to go underwater. The environments are friggin’ awesome!


Conundrums to Confound

Without spoiling your own adventure, I simply must give you a glimpse into the puzzles that await! Be warned, they can be rather perplexing. My favourites include deflecting laser-beams with mirrors to activate doors or processes. I had a lot of fun with the little bomb-pots which you must throw (dexterity required) at targets or passages. You’ll need to perfect your traction-beam tentacle skills as this function will literally get you far. Then there’s the balls of light; key-finds you must deliver to spider-like machines to advance. All the puzzles are exercises in logic and gamepad agility–fun yet challenging. Consequently, the cute prop-bot advances, so the plot seems to unfold and leads (with patience) toward his ultimate escape.


Delve into the world of Unmechanical–best on a big-screen–and boggle your bot brain for a 3-5 hour amazing adventure!

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