Zombie Derby 2: Running down the dead on Apple TV

An all-terrain multi-vehicle zombie splatter bash bursting with speed, stunts, thrills and spills. Enter the derby!

Zombie Derby 2 Video

At Couch-Games we have a soft, squishy spot for zombie games. We’re always keen to find new ones and have done one or two reviews so far. We were bloody happy to discover Zombie Derby 2 by Russian developers HeroCraft and had a whirlwind big-screen gameplay session on Apple TV. Jump in, here’s the rundown.

Zombie Derby 2 Couch-Games

Derby rundown

If there was a zombie apocalypse survival handbook rule #1 would be: Get a bad-ass vehicle and arm it to the teeth. This is the basic premise of ZB2, but merely being in the safety of an armed-up ride will not guarantee survival. You have to be able to rip up the road and any obstacle on it. Splattering the undead aside, you have roadblocks, wrecks, ramps, chasms and even explosive traps to contend with. That’s where skilled driving, speed and stunts come in. Though the easy to kill walkers crawl and do the  z-walk, others throw oil drums or rush at you ablaze. Still others are giant and slow you down even more and the bosses can destroy you. Of course you can mow them all down or shoot them to bits which is after all what it’s all about.

Zombie Derby 2 Couch-Games

I’m just here for the gasoline

Naturally you can upgrade your ride with more ammo, or a bulldozer blade for optimum kill efficiency. Equally important is the gasoline and the nitro boosters as well as tire upgrades for terrain and Z crunching. All of these garage features are bought with cash won through performance, kills and stunts. Gas, ammo and nitro will run out as you grind up the undead highway through successive levels. Don’t expect to master a level until you can upgrade close to max and learn the dangers ahead. You’ll start with a Model T Ford, but trucks, buggies and even a plasma-cannon equipped DeLorean are among the 8 killer vehicles available. Each ride works best in its respective level and terrain. Nonetheless, using your maxed-up vehicle in a new level helps earn a bit of extra cash before the new car purchase.

Zombie Derby 2 Couch-Games

Walker wonderland

Rule #2 in a world of the undead would be: keep moving! Speed across the country through deserts, urban wastelands, green countryside and winter walker wonderlands (complete with snowmen and undead Santas). Zombie Derby 2 has nicely detailed 3-D graphics side-scrolling by flawlessly as you barrel down the road. The Siri controls are easy button/pad presses for gas/fire/nitro utilising accelerometer tilting on jumps and sick flips. Each scene gets progressively more challenging, but overall the gameplay is nicely uncomplicated splatter-packed fun. The generous dose of sick humour in the derby kill action and zombie characters make for many a gurgling chuckle.
ZD2 just came out, but it seems a game that is wide open for new levels and action. But for now you’ll be well occupied playing through, or replaying levels with different vehicles. All in all the game is well designed to play through and gain upgrades without the necessity of having to buy IAP’s.

As for me, I’m on the road again and back into the derby to splatter a couple hundred more zombies…
Thanks HeroCraft, this one’s definitely going into the Couch-Games Zombie Hall of Game Fame!



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